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 Dr. Karen Yee is pioneering Bay Area dentists specializing in the latest treatments of sleep apnea, bruxism (including teeth grinding), TMJ pain and disorders, and other issues that may be affecting your quality of life. We therefore treat your dental health holistically. Helping you lead a better, healthier life is our mission and our calling, and we are committed to providing advanced care with a highly personal touch.


The importance of sleep

Has anyone ever complained about your snoring or teeth grinding? Do you wake up tired no matter how long you sleep? Or perhaps you wake up with pain in your jaw. These are all signs that you may have a treatable condition that is affecting your sleep. 

The connection between sleep and the quality of our waking lives is a medical fact. When we don’t sleep well, our total health suffers. Not only can we experience life-threatening medical conditions such as heart disease, but our energy level, focus, memory, and mood can be affected. This takes a serious toll in our every day lives, even for children, teens, and college students. Medical conditions that can affect our sleep include: 


How can a dentist help?

The issues affecting your sleep can be complex and require the involvement of various experts including your physician. Recent advances in sleep medicine, however, have shown that because of the central role of your oral region during sleep, properly trained dentists can play a crucial role in the identification and effective treatment of sleep issues.

During your visit, you’ll immediately notice a difference in our practice from traditional dentistry offices as we work toward the improvement of your total health.

I was first diagnosed with TMJ about 30 years ago. The pain was so great I could not chew on my left side. My teeth and jaw muscles hurt. I woke up with headaches on a daily basis. However, in just three months after I started seeing Dr. Hwang, I no longer experience any pain. The day I realized I could chew on my left side again was a happy day for me. Thank you, Dr. Hwang!
— Jane M.